Wittman Tailwind

Flying around in a W8

The wings are painted and are they ever shiny!

The Poly-brush has dried so now it's time to add the Poly-spray for some ultraviolet protection.

I used Solidworks to design some frames to "sandwich" the rear windows into position.

After the the Poly-fiber has been Poly-tak'd to a surface, the next job is to Poly-brush it in preparation for the Poly-spray. Holy poly, that's a mouth full. With that being said, the wings have been pinked with Poly-Brush.

The wings got covered with Stits polyfiber and poly-tak. The poly-tak was allowed 24 hours to dry and we tried pulling the fabric up. There's no way that fabric was gonna come off without pulling wood up with it so I can say confidently that it is secure. Absolutely more secure than the old fabric t...

I don't know the actual age of all the windows on my Tailwind, but they have all sustained their share of damage over the years. One of the back windows has a sticker for "Sun 'n Fun 1976" so I can confidently assume that they are both over 40 years old. The two rear windows and two front side (tria...