Ball-Joint Exhaust Update

Last fall, my new exhaust had an issue whereby one of the pipes cracked and completely separated a few inches from the engine block. Rather than weld it back together, I opted to come up with a new design. All four exhaust pipes were removed a rebuilt with ball joints. As of now, I've put almost 50 hours on them and an inspection in anticipation of my upcoming trip to Oshkosh shows they have all done their job exactly as planned. I'm very pleased. No visible cracks anywhere and I took a couple pictures to illustrate just how much movement it's capable of. Obviously it doesn't need to move this much, but it does allow for a lot of twisting and torquing of the engine.


This is where the exhaust rests when the hanger bracket is secured. IMG_1702

It's hard to tell from this picture, but the downward drop is about 6-inches and it can move side-to-side by nearly as much. Lots of flex to absorb the vibrations in this system. IMG_1701

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