Installing an MGL V6 and Headset Jacks

The radio/audio equipment in N11018 works adequately, but it's a pretty clunky setup. COMs are done with an ICOM IC-A22 which is an old (but dang good) handheld radio. This requires an ICOM PA-82 adapter to feed/receive audio to/from my headset. Added into this lash-up is an ICOM PTTSW inline push-to-talk switch and a co-ax cable that runs to the COM antenna on the belly. The system works, but it's an ugly mess of wires and that's what's required just to fly solo. If I take a passenger and plan to talk with them inflight, then I have to add a portable intercom and a second headset which is another bundle of wires which becomes an even bigger mess. It's time for something else.


I spent a fair bit of time this past spring researching my options and eventually settled on an MGL V6 radio for several reasons.

  1. It requires only a 2-1/4" cutout which my panel already had.
  2. It takes up such a small amount of space behind the panel.
  3. It has a built-in intercom.
  4. My income tax refund was enough to pay for one and MGL assured me that prices would not be dropping any time soon.

By installing this one little radio along with some headset jacks and PTT switches, I would be able to remove all that other stuff discussed above AND everything could be installed in the panel so no wires would ever be in the way (or visible) again!

This fuel gauge which was installed but never hooked up will be removed for the MGL radio. unused_fuel_gauge

The headphone jacks and PTT buttons will be installed on the far edges of the panel.



There are numerous sources online that describe quite well how to make the headphone jacks. This was my first time making them and the hardest part was being able to hold the wires stationary while applying the solder.



This definitely wasn't a weekend project, but the end result looks great.



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