Oshkosh 2019: Oshkosh Day 2

This place is huge! I did some walking to see the nearby exhibits, then took the "public transportation" to see the farther away exhibits. One of these exhibit halls had penants displaying award winning aircraft of years past and one of those penants was N11018's sister ship: Arden Hjelle's N117A.

Sister ship?

I learned many stories on this trip and one of them was that Harold Passow and his friend, Arden Hjelle, both built their Tailwinds at the same time and to make the process faster, they divided up the parts involved and each man built two of everything and gave the other the extra components which meant there were two Tailwinds built that pretty much had identical components. There were some minor differences such as the vertical stabilizer, gear fairings, wheel pants, but otherwise the two airplanes were considered identical and thus "sister ships".

Mr. Hjelle must have done something a little better because there are two penants recognizing N177A in the EAA history books and nothing for N11018.

This poster, though not related to N11018, has a little bit of a connection to her. When she was rebuilt in 2017 (paint, fabric, etc), the work was done at Yakima Aerosport who was the outfit that expanded on the original RLU-1 Breezy by modifiying it with Super Cub parts and covering the fuselage tubes with fabric, then calling it the Super Breezy.


Even though the picture didn't change from 1965 to 1970, N117A was able to score "Outstanding Workmanship" and "Outstanding Homebuilt" honors. Oshkoas-day-2-1

And here's a photo of N11018 dated August 1966 with N117A on her starboard side. Their paint schemes were very similar. N11018-1966


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