Oshkosh 2019: The Storm

According to some stories I was told, folks had difficulty flying in to Airventure 2018 because of poor weather with the visibility getting as low as 1 mile at throughout the day. This caused many pilots to rethink their Airventure 2019 travels by planning to arrive a day early and wouldn't you know it, another storm hit the area and it too came one day early!


KOSH was closed for arrivals because the grass (upon which 99.5% of the attendees park on) had turned into spongy turf and mud thus earning the nickname "Sloshkosh". All the airports in the region which included Watertown, Fon du Loc, Waupaca, and Appleton among others were suddenly inundated with hundreds of travelers that had nowhere to go. Unfortunately for most of those people, all the hotels and motels in the immediate vicinity of the airport were booked solid until Monday morning. The Wisconsin Aviation FBO became and impromptu hotel for the rest of the day. They graciously lent their lounge and offices to the travelers as a place to rest and stay dry. They also lent their hangar to the Tailwind group and in doing so quite possibly set a world record for housing the most Tailwinds under one roof at one time!


The yellow bird in a sea of white.

storm_03 storm_04

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